Barbara Ann Kargol

Montana Mountain Mysteries
and Rocky Romance Series Novels

O' Brien

By: Barbara Ann Kargol


Dark and broody or affable and philanderer?

Which twin will Mary Kate choose?

Following the unexpected death of her father, Mary Kathryn O’Brien breaks free from her Philadelphia life with boyfriend Pete the leech and tyrannical Dragon Lady Celia who has stalled her marketing career.  Mary Kathryn’s objective is to shore up the grieving spirits of her mother Rona, in rural Idaho.  Rona has other ideas and departs immediately for a driving tour of the US in her new Corvette C7, leaving Mary Kathryn to manage the North Idaho ranch.

Thrust into a new life while attempting to rectify inconsistencies in her perceptions of her parents, Mary Kathryn begins to molt into a much different persona.  Formal Mary Kathryn of Philadelphia finds Mary Kate and a new perspective on life.

Handsome neighbor Jake, his daughter Jen, and his twin brother Joe, provide a mixed level of rescuing efforts for Mary Kathryn O’Brien.  Affable Joe has a reputation for being a ladies man while dark and moody Jake concentrates on his single parent responsibilities.  Curious and friendly, Jen accepts Mary Kate at face value and the two find common ground with chocolate chip cookies and lemon poppy seed muffins.

Both brothers have rock hard abs and fill their jeans rather well but are very different while Pete the leech won’t exit quietly.

“Congratulations!  First of my friends to love a man to death.  I believe in bucket lists.  In having fun and never relinquishing your life.”  Sage advice from a new friend.  Will O’Brien take it?

O’Brien’s journey across the country is also one of self-discovery.  Who is her soul mate?  What does the new morn bring? 

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I started with the premise of having a 30-year-old daughter and the insertion of a wily but vulnerable 8-year-old girl into her life.  This starting point brings into play parental relationships, career, and failed romantic entanglements.  Then mix in the challenges that life holds and O’Brien is the result.

Baking is an outlet and opportunity for Mary Kathryn O’Brien to express her love.  Throughout the story, there are references to items that she bakes.  The recipe for Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins is available here.
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