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Montana Sunsets

Montana Sunsets

By: Barbara Ann Kargol

Sunsets in Montana, against the mountains are breathtaking.  The close of one day, the beginning of another, just a few short hours away.  Each day a challenge!

Sixteen names on a mysterious list – all but two are deceased!  Who is next?

Anne’s childhood friend Sarah arrives for a visit – within an hour of landing in Spokane – Sarah is dead.  A streaking dark SUV hurls Sarah into the air like a bowling pin, injuring Anne as collateral damage.  Or was it?

A single murder blossoms into fourteen.  A tangled web of lies and deceit grows tentacles connecting facets of their lives that seemingly have no connection.  Time is of the essence – Anne and Clint must solve Sarah’s murder in order to protect themselves and their new family.

Anne’s world has been safe and secure for the past five years with Clint as her full time partner.  But evil has come knocking at their door again and won’t leave peaceably.  With a renewed sense of purpose, while Anne is recovering and tending the fires at home, Clint shifts the battle to engage the murderer or is it murderers?

Sunsets are beautiful with shades of red, streaking through the blue sky.  Montana Sunsets close the chapter on a day, on a life and hold the promise of a new day, waiting, just around the corner – but not for everyone.

Montana Sunsets joins the Montana Mountain Mysteries series.  Look for the next installment in the series in the spring of 2014!

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Resilient spirits of those who explored the great frontier – decedents of those who traveled to the great northwest on horseback and in wagons, provide great inspiration for the mind of the writer – including this one.

Alzheimer’s finally proved too much for my mother – Sarah.  After her passing, I needed a way to remember her and channel my grief.  While the character “Sarah” in Montana Sunsets is completely different than my mother, I was able to capture a bit of her spirit in the story.  My mother loved to read her entire life and shared that love with me at an early age – enter Nancy Drew.