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Montana Revenge

Montana Revenge

By: Barbara Ann Kargol

Northwest Montana is quiet, nothing of importance ever happens – not quite.

Dead husband; his childhood friend and lifetime partner; plus a slightly bent, sex crazed local sheriff – three men, three murderers and one woman’s life rattled by the three.  No choice but to fight fire with fire!  Montana Revenge!

What is the mystery linking the three men in Anne’s life?  Plenty of twists and turns in the road – numerous victims and locales – every time she thinks the answer is right around the corner – oops, a new surprise.

But a chance discovery begins to unravel the secret and Anne starts to connect the dots and solve the brain twister.  Along the way, Anne finds her recent past to be built on lies and embarks upon a journey of self-discovery.  Just when Anne believes that the mystery is solved – a strange final twist imperils her life and heart.  Survivor to the core, Anne refuses to be cast into the role of victim and fights back with a vengeance utilizing her remote Montana town as an asset – with a touch of NYC and Grand Cayman to spice up the story.

First of the Montana Mountain Mysteries.

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September 11, 2001.  I was just a few short blocks from the World Trade Center Buildings in lower Manhattan.  In-between business meetings, I just happened to be outside when the first plane hit and jumped from the impact.  The images that followed will be forever etched in my memory bank.  The first responders that I saw racing to the site, the collapse of the buildings, and others not required to mention. 

In order to deal with the experience, I started to capture the events of the day, my feelings and in the days following, a short story emerged.  Combining my love of Montana with the short story, resulted in Montana Revenge.