Barbara Ann Kargol

Montana Mountain Mysteries
and Rocky Romance Series Novels
Liars & Liars

Liars & Lairs

By: Barbara Ann Kargol

Summertime in Northwest Montana.

Their eight and ten year old boys are ready for a peaceful, activity filled summer vacation.  Surprise!  Not going to happen.  Instead, Anne and Clint are confronted with not one but two mysteries to solve.

What does an Eco-terrorist and Clint’s business partner have in common?

What lie did Clint’s first wife perpetrate over a thirteen year period?

A pyramid scheme, a couple of lies and viola – Anne and Clint are chasing the truth and killers from Montana to Grand Cayman and north to New Hampshire, with a couple of interludes in NYC.  Nothing is quite as it seems and the family is tested numerous times including their RC helicopter skills.  Is their love strong enough?

Liars & Lairs joins the Montana Mountain Mysteries – exploration of Northwest Montana while delving into the mysteries that only the human can generate with some bizarre actions.  It is a fun, fast moving read that should entertain while involving the reader in the lives of the characters.  Enjoy!

Fourth of the Montana Mountain Mysteries.

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I’ve always wanted to take the Amtrak train across the northern states – just to see the countryside and not be concerned with driving.  Somehow, there was this inner child that wanted the adventure and thought it would be cool – so I took one little snippet and developed the beginning of Liars & Lairs

As you progress into the story, Radio Controlled helicopters or helis will become an integral part of the problem, as well as the solution.  Last summer we participated in a “RC Fly-in” providing clear evidence that there are some very talented RC pilots – just amazing what can be done with these small machines.

My father was a great train enthusiast – wrote a book on them – The Railroads of Pennsylvania.  Roger enjoyed his adventure on the northern states crossing.

Roger passed away in May of 2012.  Liars & Lairs is dedicated to Roger.  He would have relished the adventure – just as he enjoyed every day of his life.

Now it is your turn to enjoy!