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Dear Zasha

Dear Zasha

By: Barbara Ann Kargol


“Are you the fairy godmother?  Dear Zasha – are you?”

Popular web based column, Dear Zasha proffers advice, advocacy and a vengeance.  Be careful what you ask for, though, because your request could be honored – and oh, then, what will you do?

The road traveled by the women behind Dear Zasha – bumpy, full of twists and turns, a few pot holes and a cliff or two.  Three generations of women are connected by genes and fate – separated by murder, arson, treachery and lies.  The Dear Zasha escapades are interwoven with the lives of the three women – to produce a carefully crafted story line with RJ as the focal point.

RJ founded Dear Zasha to help others, just not always in a straight forward manner.  As she strives to right the wrongful deeds of others, RJ uncovers secrets to her past – a mother she never knew, an innocence lost, and a gigantic heart to hold her treasures close.  Can RJ help herself and protect her love ones?

Dear Zasha is being integrated into the Montana Mountain Mysteries: Montana Revenge and Montana Sunsets.  Look for the next release in the series n the spring of 2014!

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Two motivations behind Dear Zasha.
I wanted to try something different with the background of an online advice columnist.  Of course the columnist would have a past – obstacles to overcome and someone in her life who provided much needed help.

After my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I was frustrated and looking for an imaginary problem solver to remedy the situation.  Obviously, it couldn’t and didn’t work.  But through a work of fiction, I was able to channel some of my frustration and create a person who could.  The result was Dear Zasha.