Barbara Ann Kargol

Montana Mountain Mysteries
and Rocky Romance Series Novels

Hi and welcome! I have two series of novels: the Rocky Romances and The Montana Mountain Mysteries!

Currently there are four members to The Montana Mountain Mysteries!

Montana Revenge
Dear Zasha
Montana Sunsets

Life in Northwest Montana is great, but has its share of fictional murder mysteries and romance. Drama, yes. Wildlife, of course. A little larceny. Some greed. The characters like to travel too – visiting Florida, Grand Cayman, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Learn more about each of the mysteries by selecting the book above, or from the menu. In addition to a brief summary, a sample chapter is included. E-book and print versions are available on Amazon and links are provided.

While each novel stands on its own, there are character connections between the different stories.

Rocky Romance Series

Romances rarely find a straight path from introduction to culmination, as there are various bumps or rocks in the road – hence Rocky Romances! O’Brien launches the series. The Rocky Mountains are huge geographically and provide numerous locations for those romances to bloom or not.


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Book Signing Event

Libby, Montana on November 29th.
Book Signing Event - Barbara Ann Kargol
Signed copies of all titles available through:
Cabinet Books & Music
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